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Truckrr has brought to you the new age of logistics and road transportation SaaS-based FinTech and DeepTech solutions that can satisfy all the modern needs of the fleet management industry effortlessly. Empowering the arena of transportation with a perfect amalgamation of adherence to the traditional market ethics and advanced technologies, backed by AI, ML and IoTs. The core objective of Truckrr lies in bridging the gap between major stakeholders of the logistics and supply chain sector, including drivers, fleet owners, transporters, drivers, vendors and many others.

Presenting the phase of evolution in the market of logistics with the assistance of our top-notch products. This includes:

Truckrr Hero: The ultimate partner for all commercial vehicle drivers pan India bringing everyone on one platform. Here drivers can get jobs, connect to the fleet owners, get timely payments and much more.

Truckrr One: The one-of-a-kind fleet management solution that can brilliantly assist fleet owners across the nation to manage complete operations and functionalities of their fleet business.

Truckrr Hub: We’ve brought you the hub of all the applications at one platform where you can get various services like verification of drivers, vehicles, fuel rates, challan info and much more and that’s all right at your fingertips.

Why You Should Choose Truckrr?

We are the only platform that brings everyone together on one platform. A place where everyone can have everything they have been looking for at highly affordable prices.

Create an all-in-one digital solutions for the logistics and road transportation industry that can assist and smoothens the fleet management operations satisfying all the major stakeholders.

Provide a digital solution for the end-users of this industry that can assist the users to optimize their fleet management operations making it user-friendly, simple, effortless and efficient.

We aim to bring in values for all the stakeholders of road transportation segment by enhancing functional and operational efficiencies of their businesses with our paperless solutions.

To introduce satisfactory products, services & solutions like Truckrr Hub, Truckrr Hero and Truckrr One and much more for different sections of this industry satisfying all needs and requirements.

People Behind Us

Meet With Our Founder

Our CEO is the visionary leader driving our mission forward. With a passion for innovation and a commitment to excellence, our CEO fosters a culture of collaboration and growth. Under their guidance, we continue to break new ground and achieve our goals. Connect with our CEO to learn more about our journey and future plans.

Rajesh Kumar M

Founder & CEO

Hazeeb PN


Ramesh Rajagopalan


Founding Members

Our founding members are the visionaries who established our organization. With diverse expertise in technology, business, product and Finance, they set the foundation for our mission. Their dedication and innovative spirit drive us forward, ensuring we continually strive to make a lasting.


Our advisors are the guiding lights who help steer our organization towards success. With extensive experience in fields ranging from technology and business to product development and finance, they provide invaluable insights and strategic counsel. Their commitment and forward-thinking approach ensure that we remain on the cutting edge, continually striving to make a lasting impact.

A J Bala Subramaniuan


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Our Strategic Priorities

We have set our benchmark of priorities high so that we can deliver the best and contribute to the logistics industry to the fullest.

With our advanced tech-driven services we prioritize the infrastructural improvement in the logistics.

Working in a safe workplace is not just a priority but a necessity for every individual. Thus, we aim to make it accessible for all.

We are en-route of promoting the economic development of every individual associated as a different stakeholder in the logistics.

Focusing on providing assured stability at work that makes people love their work rather than switching to other professions.



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