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About Our Software

Reshaping the landscapes of the logistics and road transportation industry with our innovative and one-of-a-kind services, Truckrr introduces TRUCKRR ONE- a perfect assistant, backed by the cutting-edge technologies of AI, ML and IoT, for managing all your fleet operations in no time. Take a quick tour of what we have brought to you.  

Vehicle Verification

Get Your Vehicles Verified In No Time.

Now get your vehicles verified on Truckrr One where your large number of fleet is safe and secured for the Indian roads and transportation systems. We provide multiple checks on the documents verification for your vehicles ensuring it is absolutely in the right condition to deliver your loads from one to another destination.

Driver Verification

Looking For Reliable Drivers? We've Got Them.

Keeping an ideology of valuing and redefining the scopes for professional, experienced and verified commercial drivers in the logistics industry, we have come up with the driver verification tool, where you can have the best drivers onboarded only. We do provide multiple screening options for the right driver, so as to ensure the growth of your fleet business.

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Vehicle & Trip Management Here

Allowing Your Trip & Vehicles Managed Efficiently

Reminiscing traditional ethics and empowering the logistics and fleet management industry with the assistance of modern technology, Truckrr One has brought to you the all-new vehicle and trip management solution for your fleet business. Now, manage your vehicles along with their complete details and documents effortlessly. Also, manage every trip of your fleet operations at your fingertips.

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Profit & Loss Management

Maximize Your Profits In Your Fleet Management Business

Grab the digital solution for managing your profits and losses for each and every trip under your fleet business operations. Well, you can manage a large number of functions like assigning trips to your drivers, their settlements, claims from the drivers, expenses that may include fuel and FASTag charges and much more.

Driver Management

Managing Your Drivers Is Easy Try Us

Experience easiness in driver management like never before with our Truckrr One solution for your fleet management business operations. We have brought to you a complete solution that can resolve many of your problems in one go. Now assign trips, make settlements, claims, payments, live tracking of the drivers along with your vehicle and much more. Explore the essence of freshness in the logistics sector.

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Vehicle Tracking

Track Your Vehicles Whenever & Wherever You Go.

Tracking of your vehicles is now redefined with Truckrr. Bringing you exceptional tools to assist you the best whenever and from wherever you track. Now, get the map view for the real-time live locations along with the status of the vehicles, history of the routes, sharing of the live locations, speedometer readings and a lot more. Explore now.

FASTag Recharges

Making FASTag Recharges Even Faster!

Introducing hassle-free FASTag recharges for your fleet management business where you can make payments at the toll plazas without spending hours in the queue. Saving your valuable time and efforts to ensure you get your loads delivered to the destination at the right time, we support your speed with our FASTag recharges.

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Fuel Card Recharges

Fueling Your Fleet With The Power Of Fuel Cards.

Make fuel payments easy, simplified, transparent and streamlined with our fuel cards. You can have physical and digital cards for your fuel payments at various fuel stations. You can buy and recharge the cards seamlessly. Now, go cashless for every drive and save on fuel like never before only on Truckrr.



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