Challenges Faced By The Drivers Pan India

April 30, 2024
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The Indian logistics and transportation sector plays one of the most phenomenal roles in establishing the benchmark of the Indian economy worldwide. As a matter of fact, it is the logistics and supply chain management system that makes up a major portion of any nation’s GDP across the globe. When it comes to India, obviously, the transportation industry has amplified to multiple folds in the last decade and it is expected to boom ahead as well. In the logistics sector, the share of road freights succeeds among all the other modes of supply chains as compared to railways, pipelines and waterways.

The noteworthy aspect is that road transportation contributes by carrying 70% of bulk loads of India whereas, railways contribute 18% and pipelines and waterways make a share of 6% each. This largest share of the domestic freight demand pan India is fulfilled by the Heavy and Medium Duty trucks respectively, which is expected to boom more than quadruple times from 4 million to an average of 17 million trucks by 2050.

If we narrow the lens, as per the reports released by Forbes, in December 2023, India’s GDP hit the mark of $3.73 trillion and by the end of 2028 it is expected to reach $5.50 trillion. Amid this data road transportation and logistics contribute to the Indian economy with 7.6% to $282.3 billion and if the estimated gain of 30% is achieved by 2028, then it this sector will be contributing with 9.9% leading to $650.52 billion.

Despite having such a fruitful future of road transportation in the logistics sector, there are speculations about rising issues that have always been rife across the nation. As we have rolled on to 2024, the predictions with regards to industry challenges have become more concrete based on data analysis and inevitability. The bottom line of the road transportation industry comprises the truck drivers who play a vital role by facilitating the transportation of loads and services across the nation. As the Indian trucking landscape is way too vast and dynamic, drivers of this industry grapple with innumerable challenges.

As per the reports reported, the ratio between drivers to trucks stands with a value of 750 drivers on 1000 trucks. As mentioned earlier, there are 4 million trucks available and this number will surge upto 17 million by 2050 but at the same time, this alarming ratio between the availability of drivers on each truck implies that there are only 3 million drivers on 4 million trucks and we have no drivers to drive 1 million trucks!

In this article, we will take a deeper dive into the reasons behind leading to driver shortage in this industry and what exactly is persuading them to quit this industry.

Here, we are all set to discuss about top five grapples that truck drivers face across the nation.

One of the major yet always neglected struggles of truck drivers includes the problematic infrastructure of the road transportation sector. The roads are brutally hit with potholes, improper signage, lack of rest areas, parking lots for trucks and navigating routes from such terrains becomes one of the most perilous jobs. As a consequence to the same, the drivers have to bear increased wear and tear on the vehicles and drivers feel more fatigued and sleepy.

Despite innumerable advancements made in the domain of logistics and supply chain management comes into the act but the actual execution of the advanced technologies can only be possible when the systems and processes are simple and understandable. There is minimal usage of the GPS real-time tracking systems, paperless documentation and awareness of the drivers to new technologies which ultimately hampers the operations of the road transportation industry. Well, thanks to Truckrr, it has introduced Truckrr Hero as a one-of-a-kind mobile application for all the drivers of India where the advancements have been made simple, streamlined, organized and easy to use for everyone.

In addition to the infrastructural restrictions and challenges with the adoption of new-age advanced technologies across the nation, another hindrance that turns out to be a hiccup in the road transportation logistics industry is none other than the safety and security of the drivers on the roads. Throughout the course of long journeys, drivers have to face multiple instances like cases of theft of the vehicle or fuel and harassment that pose serious threats to cargo as well as drivers. The drivers are forced to work in unsafe and unsecure environments on the roads leading to dissatisfaction with their profession. 

The long stretched hours of journey lead drivers to spend most of their lives on the roads that eventually hampers their health conditions due to improper sleep cycles and meal timings, inadequate nutritious food and improper rest poorly affects the physical and mental health of the drivers. Adding more to the same thread, drivers face problems when it comes to claiming insurance like health insurance and vehicle insurance or any sort of health support in case of emergencies. This is becoming another reason for dissatisfaction among drivers with their profession.

One of the most prominent aspects of the challenges faced by drivers across the nation is that there are numerous drivers who are striving hard to get a job in the road transportation and logistics industry. There is barely space for new entrants in this industry. Additionally, peering at multiple factors related to this profession, like lack of societal respect, zero career progression, lack or no salary hikes, unsecured future, health concerns and unsafe working environments is compelling the drivers to quit their jobs as commercial vehicle drivers. In such a scenario, driver retention is also one of the alarming circumstances leading to the disruption of the logistics industry.

If you too are one of the prominent drivers of the road transportation industry and struggling with getting a job or wish to work in a dignified workplace, then here is your chance to grab your chance. Truckrr Hero App- an all-rounder mobile application tailor-made for all the drivers of India that aims at creating a safe, secure, organized, streamlined, simplified and dignified workplace for all the drivers. Also, it is built with advanced technology that is easy to use and provides all the mandatory benefits that hold the potential to solve all the issues of the drivers. So, what are you waiting for? Your happy workplace awaits you.


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