Top 7 Reasons Why GPS Is A Revolution In The World Of Logistics & Supply Chain Management

April 30, 2024
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Enamoured by the tech-savvy generation of this world, every segment has made its mark by raising the bar of excellence and pioneering new highs every time. Bringing a breakthrough scope of accomplishments, GPS has turned out to be a top-notch game-changer tool, especially when it comes to the transportation, logistics and supply chain management industry.

GPS: the Global Positioning System, a transformative tracking tool that provides the user with a real-time tracking facility for the transportation industry which eventually amplifies the pace of the wheels across the globe. GPS systems in collaboration with AI and IoTs have redefined the real meanings of what the transportation and logistics segment deserves to be. Even in the present scenario and also, peering at the future, the ever-growing popularity of GPS never fails to amaze the user. Well, what distinguishes GPS tracking from the conventional methodologies used for tracking deliveries and supply chains. In this section, we are all set to take a deeper understanding of what exactly made GPS the most-loved tool across the world of transportation.

You must be wondering what made GPS a favourite tracking tool for everyone in the domain of the logistics and supply chain industry. As a matter of fact, GPS tracking holds the usage of a technology that relies on the constellations of satellites that orbit the Earth. The smart phones, vehicles and other devices have a GPS receiver that precisely calculates the exact location on the Earth by triangulating signals via multiple satellites.

  • Communication Through Satellite: The GPS satellites consistently broadcast signals that hold information with regards to the location along with the timing. In the instance of any point of time, multiple satellites are aligned with a GPS receiver on the Earth.
  • Receiver’s Calculation: The receiver of the GPS captures the signals from at least four satellites and post calculating time, it can easily determine the exact location as per the longitude, latitude, altitude and speed. 
  • Data Transmission: The located data is then transmitted to a central server available in the space via cellular networks or other communication methods, that allow the data to be transmitted to the end-user in the transportation and logistics industry.

The GPS tracking systems have brought in enormous reforms across the transportation, logistics and supply chain industries. Here are some of them.

The fleet management sector has been redefined with the introduction of GPS tracking facility as it assists the fleet owners and transporters to optimize routes, track their vehicles, improve fuel efficiency, reduce operational costs and have a constant two-way communication and exact location of the loads. Managing fleet business is not an easy job but GPS tracking made it uncomplicated way beyond everything.

With the assistance of GPS tracking tools, planning and route optimization has become possible and feasible. Route optimization helps fleet companies and drivers to explore and identify appropriate shortest routes and reduce delivery time by avoiding delays due to traffic congestion with the help of real-time tracking and eventually saving money. Route optimization with the help of GPS tracking has helped drivers and transporters manage their business in the most efficient manner.

GPS tracking can be a big rescue in the event of a theft, as the GPS tool comes with a technology that can assist the user with figuring out the exact location of the stolen asset. Apart from the theft recovery, GPS can also be a big helping hand in terms of reducing the risk of theft or attempted theft with the assistance of open or close alerts and real-time tracking.

As mentioned previously, the GPS tracking system for the fleet management business and transportation and logistics industries helps the transporters with cost reduction by optimizing the routes, reducing inventory holding costs, losses due to theft, exact whereabouts of the loads and analyzing the fuel consumption costs and vehicle utilization. The GPS helps in the calculative and organized expenditure on the trips and assists in timely delivery.

The GPS systems have redefined effective and efficient management of the resources available in the logistics sector. With the help of GPS technologies, resource optimizations have become possible as they enhance the transparency between drivers and transporters. Adding more to the same thread, the transporter can also keep track of the behavioural aspects of the drivers who are en route to deliver the loads to the desired destination. 

The GPS fleet tracking systems have allowed the transportation industry to have more improved efficiency with real-time visibility within the supply chain, logistics, fleet management and various transportation companies across the nation and world. The GPS has reformed the industry by enhancing productivity by rerouting and exploring the right and the shortest possible route along with increased security of the business and drivers with the help of exact location tracking.

One of the most prominent benefits of GPS tracking solutions is none other than customer satisfaction. This tool provides authority to the customers to track their deliveries along with the real-time locations which eventually amplifies the customers’ experience and helps in customer retention in the future. Also, the best part is that the timely delivery of the loads to the supplier or the destined location ensures and assures a timely delivery that builds trust with the end user.

In an attempt to disrupt the conventional modes of trucking solutions in the road transportation industry, Truckrr is soaring high with the assistance of AI and IoTs to bring in the best of trucking solutions. Truckrr incorporates GPS tracking systems that assist in real-time tracking and figuring out the exact location of the vehicles ensuring the timely deliveries a complete digitized solution for the road transportation industry.


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